2017/02/19 - Meditation - Silence and noise

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The silence into the chapel has suddenly interrupted.

The noise of the human voices become from corridor. 

The silence could not effort to welcome it peacefully. 

The voices enter the ears and make noise inside of it. 

The silence is over headed by such sudden irruption. 


Why is that so difficult to accept the sign of the life?

Who is disturbed by noise: me or rather my temper?

Witch part of me is it in disgrace with the unity of me?

When can I become like she, alone women praying in?

What she feel when the noise intervene in her silence?

The young people is visiting the seminary of Mumbai. 

The silence of the Sunday afternoon met the visitors.

The eternity of waited life is coming down on the earth.

The praying people is also allowed to welcome the life.

The noise is so refreshing, making silence new style-life.