2020/03/17 - Meditation - Masked face

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Nowadays  nobody can speak face to face, but only mask to mask. Despite of that, from ages we have all worn a mask because we don't want to show who we really are, and not only because we fear to be badly judged  by others or by ourselves. So for all this such mysterious understanding  of our real selves  is nevertheless bear on our face with the hygienic mask or not.

With a face cleaned  of cosmetics or protected  with the added mask this doesn't make us free from the necessity of a right approach of our whole health, body, mind and spirit as far as the last one is taken into account. Ultimately we communicate with you as we do it with God,  by our spirit who expresses it  throughout our senses, sometimes, and for some of us for a long time having been prisoners  of our sensitivity without the possibility to reach its basic aim, which is communicate the whole life, not only one of its aspects.