2020/04/06 - Log book - A true story

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They have been living in Hong Kong among so many other foreigners for 2,5 years, one ordinary family coming from France for father’s job.

When the coronavirus started spreading in China and Hong Kong, and after the school closure, they decided to split the family on February 1st: he remained here working, whereas she went to France with their three very young children (6y, 3y and 18m old) and helper. They stayed in the family house in the countryside and she was able to keep working as usual from home for her company based in France. The kids started to go to school there and enjoyed the company of their grandparents.



2020/05/06 - Meditation - Mai 6 cross in China

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Two Thousand crosses removed from the churches in China.

Higher than the national flag.

Some of the churches in Europe were surrounded by high buildings.

It was another way to show

The same need to be upper.



2020/04/26 - Meditation - Hikikomori and nomad worker

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Hikikomori and nomad worker

I am not a Japanese, but

I am becoming hikikomori

As so many monks are.

I am not a monk locked down

by his own will

I am coronavirus effect.